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Progress on a Federal spending deal will increase funds for the Department of Homeland Security in a major push to secure our nation's critical cyber infrastructure. 

North America's power grid is vulnerable to critical attacks. Disruptions are costly and require a robust risk management system to prevent and react to physical and cyber security threats. The Fall 2017 Power Grid Resilience conference offers a reputable platform for leaders in security and disaster recovery to convene in San Diego to discuss practical solutions. Speakers represent new topic areas in cybersecurity, grid modernization and natural disaster recovery. As threats rapidly evolve, our solution providers are constantly innovating with cutting edge technologies such as shooter detection, drones and enhanced software services to accurately detect and deter concealed threats to the grid. 

Join us as we focus on the aggressive push to modernize the grid, which includes methods on how to prepare for potential changes in CIP-14 regulations. 

Welcome, and see you in San Diego this Fall!

Fall 2017 Speakers

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What are the Benefits of Attending?


Hear the latest policy and regulatory guidance for protecting your critical electric infrastructure


Benchmark your physical security for critical infrastructure and CIP 14-1 implementation


Get the latest updates on the electric industry threat landscape


Review next generation technologies and strategies from thought-leaders and researchers from government and industry


Apply the latest tools and methodologies to assess site vulnerabilities & security levels


Discover potential changes in Federal regulation

New topics this Fall:


Closed-door physical and cyber security think-tanks


Creating a secure architecture for industrial control systems


Distributed generation with sustainable micro-grids


Explore disruptive back-up battery generation systems to create sustainable power resiliency


Enhanced surveillance capabilities to detect concealed threats


Determine system vulnerabilities by using threat simulations


Preparation and restoration strategies in extreme weather events

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